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I Write to inspire and empower women to live life according to their own terms, values, and goals. Not someone else’s. My two novels are based on the experiences of the many women who have found theirselves trapped in dysfunctional marriages and relationships. Do you want to read about poignant relatable characters who are vivid, complex, and deeply touched by their situations? Do you want to feel like you know them? You want them to make you hold your breath, make you cry, laugh, and cheer them on? Then, while in deep thought and with a smile on your face, you want to miss them when they're gone? You should read DECEPTIONS and BETRAYALS, which caught the attention of the Oprah Show. You'll remember the characters for years to come. Pinky promise. Exciting page turners! Fast reads! Then read my Lovely Short Books. These are very short and sweet Ebooks written in layman's terms. The first is MIDDLE AGE SURVIVORS GUIDE, which is an easy fun read on aging gracefully. Soon to follow are WHAT'S GOOD HAIRMANAGING YOUR MONEY, FIRST STEPS IN WRITING YOUR BOOK, and MAKING YOUR HOME YOUR OASIS.

This is the novel that the Oprah Show called me about. It’s about a lady who allows riches and material possessions to influence her decisions in finding love. She believes lies although evidences of truths are right in front of her face. It takes her going through a very traumatic harassing experience with her boss to realize a very successful, but also very humble, man was waiting for her to really see him all the while. A couple of serious sub-themes in this novel are bullying someone because of their light complexion, and passing as White while longing to be accepted by Blacks. There’s a dramatic runaway slave story woven throughout the main story. How the characters of both stories are related is revealed at the end of the book. 
The parallels of  harassment between the two eras of  over 150 years apart are astonishing and based on self-loathing!

Dramatic romantic suspense with a runaway slave saga. Oprah called about it! Surviving sexual harassment.

This is the novel that was critiqued at Yale’s Writers Workshop. Sierra is married to Connor, who is manipulative and emotionally abusive. Sierra slowly realizes Connor has serious mental health issues and refuses to get help. When she finds she can no longer tolerate his abuse, she divorces him. For a couple of years she struggles with single- parenting, loneliness, and trusting men. One day an old friend, Byron, comes back into her life and she enjoys a beautiful functional relationship. That is, until she runs into Connor while out with Byron. When her ex realizes she’s happy and has everything he wouldn't give her, he tries to win her back. When she turns him down, he snaps and goes after her with terrifying rage. She fights back with a vengeance before inviting Byron in on the battle to get rid of Connor and protect her and her son's sanity. They leave Connor stranded on the Caribbean Sea, in an unplugged canoe. Connor can’t swim. 

Most popular dramatic edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense novel. Poignant. Relatable. Tears, fears, & joy.
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