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Want to read about poignant relatable characters who are vivid, complex, and deeply touched by their situations? You want to feel like you know them? You want them to make you hold your breath, make you cry, laugh, and cheer them on? Then, while in deep thought and with a smile on your face, you want to miss them when they're gone? Read DECEPTIONS and BETRAYALS, which caught the attention of the Oprah Show. You'll remember the characters for years to come. Pinky promise. Exciting page turners! Fast reads! Look for Over 50 Survivors Guide in 2024, humorous tried & true ways of dealing with aging.

Alexandria struggles with living life according to her own true values while adjusting to life in the big city. Dating and friendships disappoint. And t
o make matters worse, her boss sexually harasses her to the point of hospitalization. After she recovers from her illness she researches the harasser and it takes her back to the Underground Railroad. The parallels of sexual harassment between the two eras of  over 150 years apart are astonishing and based on self-loathing!

Dramatic romantic suspense with a runaway slave saga. Oprah called about it! Surviving sexual harassment.

Sierra’s husband, Connor, reneges on his promise to start a family, so she gets pregnant with a friend’s donated sperm. Connor has an affair and she divorces him. Some time later Connor notices her child looks like her boyfriend, and this triggers his Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He accuses her of having an affair while they were married, and he thinks everybody knew about it except him. He embarks upon a terrifying path of revenge. Can she protect her sanity from her ex's insanity?

Most popular dramatic edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense novel. Poignant. Relatable. Tears, fears, & joy.
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