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I've found that I enjoy my life more when I take it nice and easy. Take a look back over your life and you'll probably find lots of time periods when you were running around like crazy. Was it all necessary? Did it make you feel relevant and cool? Did it accomplish what you thought it would? Well, if it didn't quite work like you thought it would, maybe it's time to take another approach. The NICE & EASY APPROACH. What is it?

It's putting you and a time to rest & relax at the TOP of your list of priorities. A lot of our stress is self-made. STRESSED WITH TRAFFIC? Try giving yourself more time to get from one place to another. If you get to Place B too early, relax and read or go on social media. OVERBOOKED CALENDAR? Try putting less on your calendar. Space things out so you'll have time to relax and veg out. Too many commitments? Learn how to say no in a very nice way, like "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I don't have time on my calendar for such a commitment this week (month, year, etc.)." Smile, smile. Wink, wink.

Another thing that causes us a lot of stress is doing what we don't WANT to do, but feel like we SHOULD do, because that's what someone expects us to do. Your gut tells you NO! But your triggers have you making arrangements to do it anyway. If you don't do it, will you really regret it, or will people just tell you that you'll regret it? How many times have you regretted doing something that your gut told you not to do? Probably plenty.

So, take it easy. Do things in moderation: eating, drinking, exercising, socializing, working and RELAXING!

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