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Good Morning Father

Good morning Father

Would you have a spot of tea with me

Would you tarry a bit and keep me company

Good morning Father

Would you listen as I sing a song and pray

Would you enter this weak vessel and show me the way

Thank you dear Father

For your undeserving love, mercy and grace

For your divine interventions during crises I face

Thank you dear Father

For each and every breath that I breathe

For affording me opportunities to learn and achieve

Oh loving Father

Your awesome beauty is all around me, I see

Your people, your sky, your flowers, your trees

Oh loving Father

You gave me life and you give me hope

You give me the strength and ability to cope

Amen dear Father

I’m okay now; I can take it from here

I appreciate the reminder that you’ll always be near

Amen dear Father

Thanks for the comfort you brought my way

Thanks for joining your daughter at the start of her day

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