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Hobbies & Clubs

Having a hobby is fun and good for your health. Here are three types of hobbies that may interest you:

Social clubs: Most social clubs have a mission to help some needy population or charity, like the National Organization of Woman. It's a way to get together and have fun while helping others. There are other social groups that are designed just for fun, like dinner clubs. Some groups get together and go to plays, restaurants or movies together. Some travel together.

Creative: There are writing groups or clubs where you can refine your writing skills and meet new friends. Book clubs are very popular. Members agree to read a book and meet a month later and discuss it over a meal or wine and cheese. An art group is really neat. You can socialize while you paint, draw or make creative things like pottery.

Active: Running, golfing, tennis, and walking clubs are exciting because you can get your exercise in while talking and meeting new friends.

You can do a hobby as a group or on your own, whatever suits your needs at any given moment. I do both. I paint, read and write at home alone. I meet up with friends to workout, go to plays and restaurants, and to help the working poor. I meet up with friends at two different writing groups. That keeps me current with the latest information while chatting with friends, or making new friends. There are homework clubs, religious clubs, academic clubs and surf clubs. You can walk alone, go horse back riding alone, or do crossword puzzles alone. Just do you and have fun.

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