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Sabotage: 3 Things

Don't give in to the SABOTAGE! No, it's not your imagination. Sometimes people that you love do sabotage your goals because they are not comfortable with you being successful at them. Watch out for the people closest to you!

1. SPOUSES/SIGNIFICANT OTHERS are notorious for sabotaging their mate's success. Usually it's because they're afraid you're going to leave them if you get rich and famous. It could be covert and very subtle like interrupting you when you're in the zone of creating, or very open and in your face like telling you they're against what you are doing or even telling you that you don't have any talent.

2. Friends sometimes sabotage because they think you'll feel like you're better than them if you become more successful. They may ask you out for drinks or to an exciting event when they know you are in the midst of peaking at your endeavor.

3. Parents and family members can mess with you because they are afraid of losing you if you make it big. They may love you, but the thought of losing you to the world is frightening. Parents may need you to take care of them. Siblings and other family members may be concerned that the role that was assigned to you when you were very young may change and make them uncomfortable.

Because of this it may be difficult to get real, genuine support from these wonderful people. Be smart and be proactive. Make sure you are in at least one supportive group. Create when your loved ones are sleep or away from home. Go to a hotel for a weekend and create. This is difficult, but don't tell them everything about your endeavor. This can set them off with subtle ways to sabotage it. Their ways can be so subtle that you don't even notice it. The next thing you know, you'll be full of self doubt and gradually stop moving toward success.

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